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Live Casino Gaming

Our Camistry platform lends itself to the perfect live casino environment.

This will be integrated into our adult live cam site but will also have a stand alone site to serve all markets.

Live Karaoke

Camistry Karaoke will be a fun way to live stream your favorite karaoke stars. You can request songs, chat and tip for a great performance.

Live Gaming

Interactive live stream gaming. We will compete with twitch in the live gaming space creating a better customer experience and higher commissions for streamers.

Live E Sports

E sport competitions where there’s not only huge prizes but the spectators can interact and tip.


Live NFT Battle Stadium

We will be creating a range of NFT’s that roll random attributes that can be used in our stadium battles. Collect  NFT’s off your favorite live performers, create your team and enter them in a tournament for great Cex token prizes.

Live Podcasts

We want to create a space for your favorite pod caster or public figure to jump online and interact  with their fans. Fans can either subscribe, tip or pay to private message.

Live Training

The online training space is growing exponentially but often misses that personalized touch. Jump onto a live stream with your favorite teacher and learn in real time how to cook that dish, play that instrument or find out what quantum mechanics actually means. Teachers will be able to set up ticketed events, receive tips or charge per private message. They can also record lectures and sell them on this platform.

Live Auctions

Camistry auctions will be a fun and practical way for anyone with a webcam to auction their possessions. We can’t wait to see the creative ways this might be used.

Live ???

You tell us.

If you have a great idea or think that our services could be used in your industry please reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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