Camistry Is Closed Until Further Notice

Dear Camistry Community,

We’re saddened to share that Camistry will be winding up in its current form. Key points to note:

  • Camistry is ceasing operations, but as one chapter closes, another begins. We’re venturing in
  • to new projects and all Camistry token holders (recorded as of 11th Aug 2023) will be eligible for free tokens in the upcoming ventures. This applies even if you sell now.
  • The Camistry token is concluding. Token holders can choose when to sell. We’re communicating this all at once for fairness. *To clarify, we can’t access the token contract funds, or else we’d distribute them among current holders.
  • To ensure fairness, our founders won’t sell their tokens for 48hrs post this announcement, giving our community the first move.

Please refer to the following tutorials if you need help in selling your tokens

For anyone using MetaMask:

Converting your CEX tokens to Fiat using Metamask

For anyone using Trust Wallet:

Converting your CEX tokens to Fiat using Trust Wallet

If you need the Camistry contract address to add the token: 0xD99D4C01063b7aC970577E29DE8B958D5392C952

Your support has been invaluable. Though today brings closure, we remain optimistic about what’s next. Please keep following our social and stay up to date with what is coming!

Warm regards, Adrian, Chris, and Jonathan

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You will need to hold BNB switch and use an exchange like PancakeSwap. Further details can be found on our blog.

Head on over to our blog for a great guide on becoming a creator.

You will be required to provide some details such as proof of age to sign up.

You can sign up directly on our Live Stream platform.


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