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We invite you to explore the comprehensive resources we provide to support aspiring performers and learn about the full range of services we offer to help you achieve your goals.

Live Streams – where creators can stream, upload, blog and create their store for you, their biggest fans.

AMA Hosting

We are helping other Crypto projects expand their audience while creating a fun space for Crypto enthusiasts to learn about up and coming projects leading into the next bull cycle.

Coming Soon

Wanna know a secret? Our team is working hard on some streams that are gonna blow your mind! Be in the know and stay ahead of the game by checking out what we’ve got brewing in the background.




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Be fully prepared to engage with your favorite performer by setting up your profile. If you are a creator, we recommend registering now to immediately begin live streaming, generating subscriber interest in your FanClub content, and accelerating your earning potential.


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We offer the convenience of credit card payments to load platform credit, making it the preferred method for most. However, we also accept cryptocurrency payments as an alternative method.


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We are excited to announce that our platform is now live and accessible at Join us to enjoy live performances by your favorite artists, or sign up as a performer to showcase your talents to a global audience.

Meet the Team

We may be the co-founder team, but we’re definitely not the only brains behind Camistry – we need your help to make this baby shine! So, don’t be shy – reach out and say hi! (and tell us all your deepest, darkest opinions).

Adrian Batterham


Chris Searle


Jonathan Wheelhouse


Proud of our creators

Our content creators are the backbone of Camistry. You can learn their stories and what programs we offer to support our creators on our blog page.

Our creators aren’t just creators. They are students, artists, entrepreneurs and a million other things at once. We recognize this and try to do our part to support them in achieving their dreams.

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Join our active community where you can discuss with our team and learn more about Camistry.
Help us shape the future of the Live Streaming industry!

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Please refer to our FAQs and training videos for any inquiries about purchasing our token, becoming a creator, or utilizing our stream site. If you’re unable to locate the information you need, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

You will need to hold BNB switch and use an exchange like PancakeSwap. Further details can be found on our blog.

Head on over to our blog for a great guide on becoming a creator.

You will be required to provide some details such as proof of age to sign up.

You can sign up directly on our Live Stream platform.


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