Breaking news broken down : from origins to tips and strategies

Live streaming breaking news has its roots in traditional news media. TV networks have been broadcasting live news events for decades, from the assassination of JFK to the September 11th attacks. However, with the advent of smartphones and social media, ordinary people can now share live video of breaking news events in real-time.

The trend of live streaming breaking news really took off in 2015, with the launch of Periscope. Periscope is a live streaming app that allows users to broadcast live video from their smartphones. The app became popular during the Black Lives Matter protests, when protesters used it to document police brutality and share real-time updates with the world. This trend continued to grow with the advent of Twitch and YouTube, which offer more sophisticated live streaming capabilities and larger audiences.

There are many different types of breaking news events that are popular for viewers to watch, including:

  1. Political events: This includes election coverage, debates, and breaking news related to government policies and decisions.
  2. Natural disasters: This includes hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that have an immediate impact on people’s lives.
  3. Crime and safety: This includes breaking news related to shootings, terrorist attacks, and other acts of violence.
  4. Sports: This includes live coverage of major sports events, such as the Olympics or the Super Bowl.
  5. Entertainment: This includes breaking news related to celebrities, movies, and TV shows.

One popular breaking news streamer is Trevor Wallace. Trevor is a comedian and content creator who has gained a large following on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. He has also started streaming live on Twitch, where he covers breaking news events in his own unique style of comedy and humour.

Trevor’s streams often include comedic commentary on current events, as well as sketches and parodies related to breaking news stories. He is known for his irreverent and often absurd sense of humor, which has helped him build a large and dedicated following.

Humour is not the only way to gain a following for breaking news coverage however, take Tim Pool for example, Tim takes a serious approach to live streaming breaking news. Tim is a journalist and political commentator who has been covering breaking news events for over a decade. He hosts a daily news show on YouTube called “Timcast,” where he covers everything from politics to world events.

Tim’s streams are known for their in-depth reporting and analysis of breaking news events. He takes a serious approach to journalism and strives to present the facts in an unbiased way. His streams often include interviews with experts and other journalists, as well as analysis and commentary on breaking news events.

If you’re interested in live streaming breaking news on, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Have a reliable internet connection: Streaming live video requires a stable and fast internet connection, so make sure you have a good connection before you start streaming.
  2. Be prepared: Before you start streaming, make sure you have all the necessary equipment, such as a camera and microphone, and that everything is set up and working properly.
  3. Stay informed: To be an effective live streamer of breaking news, you need to stay informed about the latest news events. Follow news outlets and journalists on social media, and keep up to date with the latest developments.
  4. Be respectful: When streaming breaking news, it’s important to be respectful and sensitive to the people and communities affected by the events. Avoid sensationalising or exploiting tragedy for views.
  5. Lastly, add a touch of your own personality. Adding your own personality to live streaming breaking news can help you differentiate yourself from other news sources and create a connection with your audience. By injecting your own humor, perspective, and commentary into your streams, you can make your coverage more engaging and relatable to viewers. This can also help you build a loyal following of viewers who appreciate your unique style and approach to reporting the news. Ultimately, adding your own personality to live streaming breaking news can help you stand out in a crowded field and make a lasting impact on your audience.



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