Camistry’s Australian Media Release

Three mates from the Hunter Valley learnt how predatory the online adult entertainment world can be and turned to cryptocurrency to take on some of the biggest players in the multi-billion dollar industry. With an aim to make incomes for performers fairer, payments totally anonymous for consumers, and avoid the restrictions being imposed by the global banks; Camistry was born as a new generation NSFW content platform bringing much needed innovation to the marketplace. Currently offering subscription, pay-per-view, live streaming options, and even an online market for physical items and merchandise; the site has something for everyone. As the site grows, the team are already exploring the options for SFW content sharing including video-game streaming, karaoke, NFT-gaming and more. With investors already coming to the team wanting in on the action, it’s safe to say that they’re onto something. 

When the guys first learnt about the existing subscription and live-cams sites taking 25% on the low end, often 40%, even as high as 60% commissions before a performer earns an income and has to pay tax on it; they jumped into action. Putting their money where their mouths are, they forked out around $200k on the first generation of their platform which they decided should only take a 10% fee – among the lowest in the industry. The guys have spent months of long days and sleepless nights working with talented developers from all over the world building not just the website, which they hope to be the new hub for adult content online, but also launching a cryptocurrency and anonymous payment processor. It is said that only around 10% of viewers that view adult content online actually part with their money, mostly due to not wanting those transactions to appear on their bank statements. Camistry has done away with the banks entirely, using cryptocurrency to bypass their influence and the dreaded bank statement.

Millennials now make up over 50% of all paying viewers and are more open to paid services, so an opportunity exists for crypto to shake-up an otherwise less-than-innovative space. A major benefit of this is that the banks will no longer have the power to make a moral judgement on where the income has been made. Even in Australia it is well documented that the major banks often deny services to sex workers, adult store owners, and other businesses that they take moral objection toward. From now on, we are all crypto investors as far as they know. Around 30% of adults in the world do not have access to the banking system and many are now turning to crypto for online spending which is another way that opening up this market with cryptocurrency just makes sense.

To continue with the vision of creating a safer, fairer platform that is truly designed with the wellbeing of performers in mind, the team are including monthly charitable donations from profits and are even planning a scholarship process to assist some of the Camistry family of performers to further their studies. A truly ethical solution to a growing industry, developed right here in Australia, for the benefit of everyone. 



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