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lIVE sTREAM faq'S:

Camistry is a safe and fun platform for creators to expand their reach to a target audience, maximising the engagement to earn money from interacting with consumers. Camistry is open to creators and users of all ethnicities and gender expressions and most genres of live streaming. Adult-themed content is acceptable, but explicit visuals or acts are not.

Camistry firmly believes in providing creators with all the tools necessary to generate income, while being a safe and fun community. Platform users should be respectful and follow our community guidelines at all times. Camistry is motivated to become the leading community run platform while enduring the safety and security of all users.

Camistry provides a completely discreet payment system which allows creators to take a higher percentage of revenue. There are fiat and crypto payment options, making our platform 100% discreet and anonymous for users and performers.


Yes, creators can live stream using our platform. Creators may also have content in FanClubs. Fanclubs stores pre-recorded content that can be subscribed to for viewing while the model is inactive.

Yes, Camistry is designed to be responsive to most devices.

That’s for the creator and the user to decide, although we require our community guidelines to be adhered to, available here. It is best to agree what happens beforehand and remember, creators are not required to do anything they don’t want to do. We take our guidelines very seriously and misconduct will not be tolerated.

Spying occurs when a creator goes to private chat and someone else joins to view only, they cannot interact with the creator. It is a fun way to be a part of the action without much interaction. It may also be cheaper than private.

This is when several users take a creator into a paid group video/chat. Every user that has paid for the viewing can interact. It is generally cheaper per user than taking them private. There’s no limit to how many viewers can be involved. Users will have the option to tip creators in group chat.

A tip is a way for users to send money to a creator. While they are not compulsory, they are a great way to show your admiration for the creator and a creator can be requested to perform an act of service for a tip. It is a way for the user to get noticed by the creator and is intended for everyone to enjoy their time while on the platform. You can buy tokens here.

You can send a private message to a creator as long as you have created an account. Some creators will only reply to private messages from users that have loaded tokens on their account or are tipped. Taking a creator to a private show will ensure you have their attention all to yourself. Creators are never forced to respond to users. All messages must follow our community guidelines

All of our rules and guidelines can be found Here.

Simply click on their name and hit block. You can find a list of people you’ve blocked under your blocked contacts list. All users can be unblocked after 24 hours. To report a user or model for breaches of our rules, please email

Yes. Only in private chat rooms and only if the performer accepts. Please read our community guidelines for what is acceptable here.

Sometimes creators need a break. It might be a great time to check out their Fanclubs content or explore our directory of performers. Most creators will have performance times listed on their Fan Pages.

No. Unfortunately we can not guarantee you will be happy with your show. Creators that don’t deliver on promises will often find themselves with less fans and subscribers but will never be required to give refunds. Content is up to them. If you wish to report a creator, email

90% of all tips go directly to the creator. The remaining 10% goes to Camistry for the advancement of the platform and to pay wages / maintenance costs. Live streaming platforms are expensive to set up and run.

Free members can enjoy live stream performances and comment in general chat as a guest. Guests cannot direct message performers and their messages in chat will be smaller font size.

To become a premium member all you have to do is sign up and make your first token purchase. Once you’re a premium member you will be able to private message creators, tip and initiate group and private shows.

  • Moderators are creator aides, they have special privileges that help to maintain order in the chat room.
  • If given moderator privileges, you can do the following:
  • remove unwanted messages;
  • kick out/ban users;
  • block users from writing in public chat (mute).
  • If you are a moderator, your profile will have a special icon to let other users know you have special privileges in this chat room.

Go to your profile and request to reset your password, if you still have trouble;

Please click here or email to restore your password.  

We strive to keep Camistry as open and diverse as possible. On Camistry, adult-themed content is acceptable, but explicit visuals or acts are not. Camistry is open to performers and users of all ethnicities and gender expressions and most genres of live streaming

Type their name in the search bar in the performer directory or browse by categories and tags to narrow your search if you are unsure of their name.

You can talk to creators by typing in general chat, entering a private show which has a private chat room or sending a private message. You can also include a message when you tip.

  • If you have problems with watching the video or chat room, we advise you to clean the browser’s cache memory, delete temporary Internet files, and check cookies (Cookies must be enabled).
  • To clean the cache memory, follow the instructions below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → General → Browsing history

  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Clear Recent History

  • Chrome: Settings → Tools → Clear Browsing Data.

If this doesn’t help, please contact us at

Camistry was set up with a Crypto payment method so creators and users can have higher level of anonymity when compared to other similar platforms. Any profile information provided will be securely stored by us and encrypted to ensure maximum security and anonymity. We are required to keep some identification data supplied to us, such as username, and Crypto wallet ID. To consult our legal disclaimer please click here or email us at Blockchain ensures all transactions are always protected and private.

Yes. Only the creators can covert their “CHIPS” back to Camistry (CEX) tokens. After requesting a payout, they will appear in your chosen cryptocurrency wallet. We are looking forward to providing you with a number of cryptocurrencies to swap your Camistry tokens to in future.

The process we need to determine everyone on the platform is of legal age, meaning 18 or older. You must be at least 18 regardless of your local laws. Some countries require the age of majority to be 21.

You can cancel your membership by going into your profile and clicking view memberships. You will be able to see all of your fanclub memberships and cancel whichever one/s you desire.

Your membership will also automatically expire if you have insufficient chips to continue your membership.


Camistry token (CEX) is a decentralised cryptocurrency that is used to swap for our Platform Token (Chips).

Camistry is a cryptocurrency token that is listed on the the Binance network. You can read our white paper here.

Camistry’s token (CEX) is used as a currency on Camistry’s platform. This token can be be used just like other Binance tokens as an investment or in trade for goods and services on our platform . We at Camistry look forward to providing ongoing use cases for the token.

While the Camistry development team is responsible for managing the Camistry platform. The actual token is listed on the Binance Smart Chain and the contract can no longer be controlled or edited.

  • Treat your seed phrase and private key as you would treat your bank PIN. You should never give these to someone you do not trust.

  • Use a secure internet connection.

  • Don’t click on unknown or suspicious links.

  • Use different passwords for different accounts.

  • Keep your software updated.

  • Enable two factor authentication

Unfortunately, No. We are sorry, but we have no means to control this or recover your funds. We stress that it is vitally important to double check the correct Address. We advise that you never trust a wallet address to buy a token from social media or a message. The best option is to find it on our website or BSC scan.

If you can’t find it and have logged out your funds are lost. Sorry

There’s no set minimum amount to buy in Camistry. You can buy portions and multiples of a token.

“Chips” are our on platform currency. While the price of chips corresponds to Camistry’s (CEX) token, it is not on the Smart Chain Network to ensure gasless transfers between consumers and models. Because of this feature, it won’t show up in your cryptocurrency wallet. We are currently working on a solution for this for those who wish to view their tokens held in their Crypto wallet.

You will need to hold BNB smartchain and use an exchange like PancakeSwap. As the token and platform gain in popularity, we will be available on more and more exchanges.


Some wallets won’t show our token and you will need to manually add our token address.  You can visit our page for a step by step guide.

Buy Token page.

This is a personal choice and totally up to you. Most users are using TrustWallet or MetaMask wallets. We are not affiliated with either company. You can find a step by step guide for both wallets on our Buy Token page.

If you have lost access to your wallet you will need your seed phrase to log back in. If you have lost this phrase, there may be no way to access your wallet again sorry.

We will continually be having promotions! Keep an eye out for them.

Yes! We have a fiat onramp system about to be deployed and live soon!!

Usually by linking your bank account to your wallet or using a cryptocurrency ATM. Here’s a guide.


Head on over to our sign up page. 

At Camistry we take the health and wellbeing of our community seriously. You will be required to provide some identification documents to our trusted KYC provider to ensure the age of majority is met.

    Camistry is a safe and fun platform for creators to expand their reach to a target audience, maximising the engagement to earn money from interacting with consumers. Camistry is open to creators and users of all ethnicities and gender expressions and most genres of live streaming. Adult-themed content is acceptable, but explicit visuals or acts are not.
    To ensure the safety of the Community members and legal requirements, each of Camistry’s creators will have to complete an Identity and age verification check. For more information, please refer to our
    community guidelines

      Click on their profile and select the block icon. 

      Camistry is open to creators and users of all ethnicities and gender expressions and most genres of live streaming. Adult-themed content is acceptable, but explicit visuals or acts are not. Creators are allowed to do anything else they wish to do as long as it follows our community guidelines at all times. 

      All genders and sexual expressions are welcome. You can become a performer by proving you meet the age of majority in your country and intend on abiding by our Community Guidelines. You can find more information here.

      Working hours are up to our performers. Most commonly, longer work hours mean a higher chance of tips and more exposure. 

      There is no minimum or maximum hours required to work. You are your own boss! In fact you never have to live stream if you don’t want to, you can just take advantage of our fanclubs or our other great ways to make money that we offer.

      Any of your private information legally required to be stored by Camistry will be securely stored and encrypted. To consult our legal disclaimer please click here or email us at 

      Blockchain ensures all transactions are always protected and private. You can consult our privacy policy here. We will never sell your content or details to a third party.

      Camistry offers several avenues for earning money as well as giving creators 90% of their platform revenue compared to the 50 to 60 percent average. Our platform provides every creator their own Live streaming, Fanclubs, blogs posts creator store and more! We will be continually updating our platform and adding new features while involving the community in its design. Keep an eye on this and get in early for great rewards and results.

      Camistry is currently in the process of producing training videos and model outreach support to ensure creators feel comfortable in what they are doing.

      Creators generally earn more money by working longer hours or making sure their content stands out by its originality, quality or uniqueness.

      You can advertise yourself on other platforms to entice more users to your content.

      You can find a list of production suggestions and equipment here

      Not necessarily but we have created a guide on recommended equipment. You can consult these here. We are working on this recommendation.

      Yes you can, although not on a split screen. If you want to cam together with another registered creator and put on a group show that’s up to your discretion. It is a great way to boost your fan base. It is strictly against our terms of service for someone to perform on our site without going through the registration and age verification process

      • Private – This is one on one and is charged at an agreed rate per minute.
      • Group shows – This is a group of at least 4 users and costs per minute
      • Public – This is free to watch and the standard option
      • Spy –  This is a way to watch someone else’s private show and costs per minute. You will not see the other user’s details or camera if they are sharing that.

      You can view our creator tutorials on our creator portal. There’s also some great tutorials on our blog page.

      Most third party apps and bots are not allowed and banned in our community guidelines. Failure to follow these rules will result in cancellation of membership.

      You can. Camistry does not restrict creators from using other platforms. Camistry has also created a tutorial on how to use splitcam to enable creators to earn off multiple platforms at the same time:

      SplitCam Tutorial

      You can find an instructional video on our Creator Portal page


      Marketing your profile can be a great way to make sure you earn more money and your content reaches more people. Please watch our marketing tutorials video here

      Creators are not obligated to livestream, live streaming is generally the best way to build a fan base and market your offline content.

      Using a video in place of a live stream is against our user policy and will result in an immediate ban.

      Not at all. You can mix and match any of our services that suit you. You are your own boss! And we at Camistry are here to support you.

      Performers can use all interactive toys they wish to use, as long as they follow our community guidelines

      Your bio should contain your stage name and whatever details you feel comfortable sharing. Personal email addresses or phone numbers are not allowed. Please consult our community guidelines

      You can view your balance at any time on the platform and convert your Chip tokens to Camistry (CEX) tokens anytime. We have created tutorials for this:

      For instructions on how to buy CEX refer to the Buy Token Page

      For instruction on how a creator cashes out their income please refer to the Performer Portal

      We have created a guide here.

      You can check your stats by clicking on your profile and then on stats. 

      There is no minimum. 90% of every tip is instantly yours.

      The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a 1998 United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization. It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works. You can read more about DMCA here

      You can block a country by clicking on the settings button in your profile. Then click regions, block regions, and select the region from the scroll down menu. 

      Your content belongs to you and can be taken down, hidden or deleted at any time. To do so, follow this tutorial, if your not sure and need to confirm email us at 

      You can do so by going into account then selecting delete account or by emailing us at 

      Some bots are allowed, usually to improve user interactions but most bots are not allowed and violate our community guidelines. If you’re unsure please contact support at

      FanClubs is where you can post subscription only material. It’s a great way to create a passive income and you can promote it when you do your live stream. Think OnlyFans but better.

      You can rank higher in search by having more people in your room or being one of our featured models. To find out more about getting featured check contact

      Having appropriate tags will help boost your visibility. If a user is looking for a specific type of model and you don’t have that tag they won’t find you.

      This is against our terms of service and is almost always a scam. Never give out your personal information to strangers.

      Yes, Contact for available options

      We pay in cryptocurrency to provide maximum discretion for your bank accounts and to maximise your payout.

      Once you get your Camistry tokens, you can very easily convert them into currency, either through your bank account or directly from a cryptocurrency ATM. We do have an instructional video on this on our Performal Portal

      You cannot do so without informing the Camistry team. Contact them at 

      Verification will usually take no longer than 24 hours. 

      Need Help?

      Schedule a call