NFT Marketplace

Want a unique piece of your favourite performer? The NFT Marketplace will allow the minting and sale of NFTs by anyone with a performer account. These may be artistic pieces, lewds, tickets to events, or even NSFW content.

NFT Battle Stadium

We are developing true function for some of the NFTs so that we can play games including things like battle events and casino games. We are excited to establish these as regular events as well as turn-based games, played at your convenience. Have you got any fun ideas for this? Contact the team and let us know.

NFT Card Deck

Selected performers will be chosen to sell 1 specific card from a deck of 52 cards. Each card will be unique to a performer. Once you collect all 52 a platinum VIP card will be issued giving you exclusive access and perks.


VIP pass NFT’s will be given out but cannot be purchased. These passes granted in special circumstances to be decided by the Camistry team. These passes can be sold or traded at will.

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