1. Upload Avatar

This will be the image that is displayed for your profile. There’s no rules around this but it’s a great opportunity to grab some attention. Try and showcase what it is that makes you unique. If your customer base is into a certain kink try to showcase that and grab their attention.


2. Referral Commision

This will display any referral commissions you are earning. If you are bringing your friends over don’t forget to tell them to mention you for a reward.

3. View my Profile

This takes you to your profile page. This is what users will see when they visit you. Generally if this is filled out and updated you will earn more while offline so it’s worth the time to fill it al out.

1. Payout Percent

All performer’s on Camistry receive a 90% commission on their tips, no strings attached. The highest in the industry.

2. Start Video Chat

This will open a new window where you can start streaming live. Don’t forget to give permission for your webcam and microphone to be used.

3. Control Panel

These are quick links to all your settings and controls. These will be covered in further detail later in this guide.

Features in Live Streaming

1. Chips Earned

This is the total amount of ‘Chips’ you have earned in this session.

2. Screen Shot

This will take a screenshot of your current live stream so that you can share it on your socials and promote yourself.

3. Online/Offline

This is to toggle your offline and online status.

4. Title

You can set a title for your current show. It’s a great way to promote tip goals or the theme of your show or even just to encourage engagement.

5. Live Preview

This area includes a preview window of your live stream, the option to adjust or mute your volume and the option to record your stream.

6. Guests and stats

In the section below your live preview you will find some stats and info on the users  viewing your streams. This will include the amount of users in your room, the frames per second of your stream (it’s recommended to have 60fps or above for the best user experience), which users are in your room how many Chips they have and the option to kick them out.

7. Messaging Window

You can chat to your guests in this window. You also hav the option to clear chat history, write a public message, send emoji and send and receive private messages.

8. Settings

There are several settings you can adjust for your live shows.

FREE CHAT – This is where anyone can view your live stream and also message you.

TIP GOAL – Set a tip goal for anything such as a minimum amount to do a performance.

MINIMUM TIP – This is a minimum tip to enter the streaming.

TIME TO COLLECT – This sets a time frame where the tip goal has to be reached within. If the time runs out you can increase the time or make it a free chat. Free messaging will be disabled while this is active.

PAUSE – Pauses the live stream. A still shot of the last video frame will be displayed.

OPEN DASHBOARD – Takes you back to your profile dashboard.

ALLOW GUEST – Allows non signed in users to view and message.

SHARE DISPLAY SCREEN – Shares your model screen with the users.

LOVENSE CONNECT – Connect your lovense toy and set tip levels and reactions.

LAST TIPS  – displays last tips – who tipped and for how much.

TOTAL – Total tips received in this streaming session.

9. Lovense

If you have a Lovense toy you will be able to connect it here and set tip levels and reactions. If you aren’t sure what this is we recommend looking it up, it’s almost a must have for performers to increase user engagement.


This would be a record of all transactions, who tipped you and when. You can select an individual customer or date range also.


This is a record of every payout that you have had from Camistry.

Profile Stats

The statistics of how much you have earned and how you earned it.


Here is where you set how much you charge per minute on Group, Private and Voyeur chat.


This is your gallery of photos and videos. Public videos will be visible to any user including guests, private videos will only be visible to Camistry.live members but will still be free. Fanclub content will be a separate subscription price set by you.


Block visitors from geographic locations or by their IP address.


You can update your profile at any time. The more details you put in the better chance you have of customers finding you in their search.


This is Camistry’s answer to OnlyFans. You can set up subscription packages and sell content as an individual purchase. We also provide a store for selling merchandise.

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