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Camistry is a safe and fun platform for performers to expand their reach to a target audience, maximising their engagement to earn money from interacting with consumers. Camistry is entirely open to performers and users of all ethnicities, sexual and gender expressions.

Camistry provides a completely discreet payment system which also allows us to pay the models a higher percentage and runs on crypto currency, making our platform 100% discreet and anonymous for users and performers.

Camistry firmly believes in providing performers with all the tools necessary to generate income while being safe and promoting consent, respect and following our community guidelines at all times.


CEX token is your access to the Camistry ecosystem. Swap this cryptocurrency into “Chips” to be used across all subscriptions, tipping, and product purchases. Discreet, easy, and empowering.


Camistry’s live cam platform is ever evolving based on the input from it’s models and users.

Initially it will focus heavily on Live Cams and FanClubs but will quickly evolve to include NFT’s, gaming and special events. We are working heavily with industry professionals to deliver the best possible experience for models and users.


Camistry began with a small group of performers from around the world and has evolved into the Camistry you see today with their consultation, aiming to be user friendly, functional and beautiful. Camistry promotes diversity, freedom of expression, and sexual preferences.

As the platform evolves further, we hope to include a variety of SFW streaming features and attract a whole scene of performers that want better pay for their time and freedom to be paid in cryptocurrency.


Privacy is at the core of our business. We believe that anyone should be able to transact online in private at will. Whether it’s a model making an income, an investor or someone who simply enjoys good entertainment that doesn’t want it showing up on their credit card statement. We have solved this by using cryptocurrency as our payment method. While transactions are stored on the blockchain, there’s no need for anyone’s bank to ever know what those transactions were.

All personal data stored by Camistry is encrypted and will strictly never be sold to a third party. Our KYC is done predominantly by a third party so personal data has the highest level of security.

The Team

Chris, Adrian and Jonathan all reside in Australia and have a shared passion for entrepreneurship. While investing in the cryptocurrency space they all agreed there was a need not being met in the adult market and founded Camistry.

With backgrounds in business development, web development, finance, and project management; the guys have put their best foot forward by developing a working platform before ever releasing information to the public. Fully self-funded and aiming to begin a new generation of ethical and transparent platforms that put the value of creators first.


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For the full range of ways to get in touch with us please visit our Contact page.

Meme Kit

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Our font is Futura Std and can be downloaded here.

Our colours are: Pink #B831CA, Purple #6A00E9 and Dark Purple #310097

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