Camistry is a safe and fun platform for creators to expand their reach to a target audience, maximising the engagement to earn money from interacting with consumers. Camistry is open to creators and users of all ethnicities and gender expressions and most genres of live streaming. Adult-themed content is acceptable, but explicit visuals or acts are not.

Camistry firmly believes in providing creators with all the tools necessary to generate income, while being a safe and fun community. Platform users should be respectful and follow our community guidelines at all times. Camistry is motivated to become the leading community run platform while enduring the safety and security of all users.

Camistry provides a completely discreet payment system which allows creators to take a higher percentage of revenue. There are fiat and crypto payment options, making our platform 100% discreet and anonymous for users and performers. 

The     Team

Feel free to reach out and say hi anytime, we value all the feedback we get. While we make up the co-founder team, we are just a small part of what makes Camistry what it is.

Jonathan Wheelhouse


We’re not saying he’s a superhero, but if we had to pick one to lead the charge for our development teams, it would definitely be him. With a knack for SEO and a passion for all things digital, he’s the secret sauce that makes Camistry sizzle (and probably the reason we’re all still employed, let’s be real)

Adrian Batterham


Adrian’s got the finance industry in his blood (we’re pretty sure his veins are lined with stock tickers), and he’s bringing that expertise to the exciting world of crypto. With a KYC processor in his back pocket, there’s nothing he can’t handle – except maybe spicy food.

Chris Searle


Not all heroes wear capes – some wear headsets and carry multiple spreadsheets at once. Meet our multi-disciplinary project manager, community moderator, COO, and third-party liaison (we’re pretty sure he’s got a few other titles, but we lost track)

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