Camistry is a safe and fun platform for performers to expand their reach to a target audience, maximising the engagement to earn money from interacting with consumers. Camistry is entirely open to performers and users of all ethnicities, sexual and gender expressions.

Camistry provides a completely discreet payment system which also allows us to pay the models a higher percentage and runs on cryptocurrency, making our platform 100% discreet and anonymous for users and performers. 

Camistry firmly believes in providing performers with all the tools necessary to generate income while being safe and promoting consent, respect and following our community guidelines at all times.

The  Team

Feel free to reach out and say hi anytime, we value all the feedback we get. While we make up the co-founder team, we are just a small part of what makes Camistry what it is.

Jonathan Wheelhouse


15 years experience in digital marketing, SEO, and website development. A seasoned investor and most technically capable on the team. Spearheaded the on-boarding and management of the  development teams that helped build Camistry.

Adrian Batterhan


A history in the finance industry and a successful trader. Adrian has gone on to be a part of start-ups and crypto communities. Has secured a KYC processor and worked with them for custom solutions.

Chris Searle


A multi-disciplinary project manager. Experience with community moderation for cryptocurrency projects. Functional COO and liaison between Camistry project and all third-party advisors. A history in trading and cryptocurrency investing.

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